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I want to begin this by apologizing for how long it has been since I posted but I hope you’ll forgive me by going on this journey with me.

If you are the heat sort of person I guess you would agree with me that winter is no place for us. I mean who would want to be in a place where it’s so incredibly dark and cold and oh yes who can forget wet. So I guess seeing the Fête des Lumières brought a little light to my December.

The festival dates all the way back to 1852. A celebration which started as a way of solidarity and Thanksgiving has now turned into the most visited festivals in all of Europe. Although some of the old traditions such as leaving aa candle in your windowsill still exists the development of modern equipment and technology makes being a the festival more memorable. So with a couple of friends we took a walk through the streets of Lyon taking in all the different projections of light.

Every place we stopped at told a story of it’s own and was a sight to take in. But then I had two favorite stops where i was the most impressed and couldn’t help but appreciate the festival more. These are the courtyard of Hôtel de ville from Place des Terreaux and of course the Rivés de Saône.

Walking through Hotel de ville was like walking into a different universe what made the place so fascinating was trying to follow the story the lights were trying to tell. I kept wondering if that was the same place I visited a week before the festival.

At the Rivés de Saône the original tradition of using candlesticks was replaced by lanterns put into small boats containing messages from the spectators and placed on the river.

At least there was a little “light” in winter for me this year. The Festival of Lights takes places every December from the 5th to the 8th in Lyon,France. Maybe next year it would be you giving every detail of your thrilling experience.

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