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Law for the layman

Every law student in this faculty is well acquainted with that dirt path at the back of the building which leads to the road going towards Pentagon, Evandy and TF hostels. It’s a simple and convenient shortcut for law students resident in the above mentioned halls. It has proved its expedience over the course of time, helping people to get to their 7:30 classes and tutorials just in time. Because, let’s face it, there is absolutely no way anyone coming from Pent, Evandy, Bani or TF will walk all the way to the zebra crossing at the front and enter the faculty from that side when this little dirt path is staring him/her straight in the face.

This path, although super convenient is not without its shortcomings. It looks and potentially can be unsafe, especially when it rains. In the evenings, when it gets dark, the path seems more threatening…

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